Respite Care is a temporary, substitute living arrangement for dependent adults which provides brief period of relief or rest (usually more than 24-hours) for the family members, guardians, other people who are their regular caregivers.
Respite Care:

■  Provides a break or period of relief for the caregiver of an older adult, or a person
    with disabilities;
■  Allows a caregiver to go away for a specified period of time ranging from a couple
    of hours to a couple of weeks;
■  Provides personal or supportive care to older adults and people with disabilities;
■  For adults, is usually provided by nursing homes, adult day centers, home care 
    agencies, and companion services;
■  Is not covered by Medicare, but Medicaid might provide some assistance; 

Adult or Family Care Homes can provide respite care for day or partial-day stays as well as overnight stays, a short-term stay that does not exceed 30 days.

  • Subsequent respite care stays by the same resident must also be established by separate contracts and all the requirements of the respite rule would apply, i.e., admission, discharge dates, current FL-2, short-term assessment, verification of orders if not signed and dated within seven days prior to admission, etc. for each separate respite stay period.
  • The person is to be admitted as a respite resident, not a daily visitor, for a limited time period (30-day maximum) as specified in the contract and provided care, services and accommodations as any resident is entitled to receive according to law and rule.
  • The respite resident must have a resident designated bedroom and be counted as a resident for the home for capacity, census and staffing purposes.
  • The rule does not allow for a contract to provide unlimited respite care throughout the year, whether it is on a daily or overnight basis.
  • Each respite stay must be contracted and time limited. How the respite period, as specified in the contract with an admission and discharge date, is used by the caregiver seeking respite, i.e., overnight stays or day/partial-day stays, depends on that caregiver.


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