Since 1945, North Carolina has had a public law requiring Adult Care Homes to be licensed. The purpose of the license is to ensure that each home meets minimum standards regarding:

  • personal care services
  • health care
  • food service
  • activities
  • resident records
  • medication administration
  • fire safety
  • sanitation
  • personnel
  • building


Licensure standards are established by both the Social Services and Medical Care Commissions and are enforced by the North Carolina Division of Health Services Regulation. The local county Department of Social Services (Wake County Human Services) is responsible for regularly monitoring each home’s compliance with standards.


To receive and maintain a license, an adult care home must comply with licensure standards and cooperate with the state and local government workers responsible for the oversight of the home.


For more information on licensing, please visit the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation Adult Care Licensure Section.