What is Adult Day Care?
Adult Day Care is a structured, comprehensive program created for adults who need supervision assistance during the day, but usually less than a 24-hour period. It was developed so that families could have their loved ones stay at home instead of entering an institution such as assisted living or nursing home.
Based in a community group setting, adult day care programs bring together:
  • health
  • social
  • other supportive opportunities
  • supervision
  • monitoring
  • personal care
  • nutrition
  • basic support
Adult Day Care is a personalized service; each participant attends on a scheduled basis and receives the services detailed in an individual plan of care.
What Is Adult Day Health?
Adult day health services are similar programs to adult day care however the providers offer health care services and activities to meet the needs of individual participants. These programs offer medically supervised services and require that a registered nurse be on staff 40 hours per week.
If you have a concern about something you see, speak to the facility director directly. This is the best way to deal with a problem.
If you still have concerns, you may also call us at 919-250-3835 to file a complaint.


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