What Is SA/IH Program?
Adults needing care in an adult care facility now have another option to consider. The Special Assistance In-Home Program offers ongoing case management and monthly cash payments to help individuals continue to live at home. Adults who can have their health, safety and well-being maintained at home with appropriate services may benefit from this program. There are a limited number of slots available in Wake County.

Eligibility (SA-5200)
  • Individual must be 18 years of age or older 
  • Be a Wake County resident
  • Have a completed FL-2 requiring care in a licensed adult care facility but desire to live at home or another private living setting domiciliary level of care but desire to live in a private living setting
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or Qualified Alien
    Fully qualify for Medicaid
  • Meet all other Special Assistance eligibility requirements
    Must be able to have health, safety and well-being maintained with appropriate services, such as in-home aide services, home modifications, case management services and needed supplies
  • Must have unmet financial needs  
SA/IH Fund Can Be Used for Following
Needed household repairs, utility expenses, respite care, food, medical supplies, clothing, shelter (rent/mortgage), transportation, etc.
Special Assistance In-Home is available in 91 counties. Each participating county has a limited number of slots.