Medicaid is a health insurance program for low-income families. Enrollees receive a Medicaid Identification (MID) card, which is their insurance card.  Medicaid has several different types of coverage for families with different needs:

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  • Medicaid for Families with Dependent Children (MAF) – Medicaid coverage for parent/caretakers(s) with children under age 18 in their household or for children ages 19 & 20.
  • Medicaid for Infants and Children (MIC) – Medical coverage for children under the age of 19 whose parents’ income is below established program income limits.
  • Medicaid for Pregnant Women (MPW) – Medical coverage for pregnant women whose income is below established program income limits.
  • Family Planning Medicaid Program (FPP) – The Medicaid Family Planning Program is a program designed to reduce unintended pregnancies and improve the well-being of children and families in North Carolina. Services are provided to eligible persons of any age whose income is below the established program limits and are determined ineligible for all other Medicaid programs.
  • North Carolina Health Choice (NCHC) for Children – A free or reduced-price comprehensive health care program for children 6–18 yrs. If the family makes too much money to qualify for Medicaid, the child(ren) may qualify for NCHC.

 Individuals may qualify for Medicaid under the following criteria: 

  • You are a U.S. citizen or qualified alien, and you live in North Carolina
  • You have a Social Security Number or have applied for one
  • You receive a check from any one of the following: Supplemental Security Income (SSI); Work First Family Assistance (WFFA); State/County Special Assistance for the Aged or Disabled (SSA or SAD); Special Assistance for the Blind (SAB)

  • Your countable income meets program requirements for one of the following categories: Aged (65 or older), blind or disabled; Families with children under age 19; Individuals under age 21; Single or married pregnant women, Children receiving adoption or foster care assistance; Family Planning