Crisis Intervention Program (CIP)

This program provides Energy Assistance to individuals and families in crisis situations due to disconnection of their heating/cooling source, or in need of a deposit to establish an energy source.
Assistance will be provided for eligible households, following an assessment and in accordance with emergency energy assistance guidelines.
The Energy Assistance Program provides assistance to households heating or cooling with electricity, gas, fuel oil, kerosene, wood or coal.  Assistance is only available during a heating or cooling season.
The Crisis Program helped 10,271 households from July 2012–June 2013!

Wake County Energy Assistance Program is currently assisting residents experiencing a "cooling crisis."

Crisis Determination
A household is in a crisis if it is currently experiencing or is in danger of experiencing a life-threatening or health-related emergency and sufficient, timely and appropriate assistance is not available from any other source. Life-threatening is defined as a household that has no heating or cooling source or has a disconnect notice for its primary heating or cooling service, and the health or well-being of a household member would be in danger if the heating or cooling crisis were not alleviated.
The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) provides a one-time heating supplement for low-income families.
Where to Apply
Phone number to main office: 919-212-7000

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