All child support is paid to the NC Child Support Centralized Collections Office. If the noncustodial parent is making support payments on multiple court orders, payments will be split among all cases.
Electronic payments have replaced paper checks for most clients.  Non-Public Assistance clients may elect to receive payments by direct deposit or through the “smiONE” card program.  Clients must complete an Authorization for Automatic Deposit of Child Support form (in Spanish) to receive payments by direct deposit.  If direct deposit is not initiated, support payments will be distributed using the smiONE card.  Clients can use the smiONE card to make purchases wherever the VISA debit cards are accepted.
You may check the status of payments by calling 1-800-992-9457, or by visiting NC Child Support, or by checking the balance on your smiONE cardPublic Assistance clients will not receive a child support check in addition to the public assistance grant.
Clients can also request the Authorization of Automatic Deposit of Child Support form be mailed to them by contacting any county Clerk of Court, local CSE agency, or by calling 1-800-992-9457. The form includes instructions for submittal.
Federal and State Law also requires the Child Support Enforcement Agency to assess a nonrefundable annual fee of $35 for CSE services that are rendered on each case for Medicaid and Non-public assistance clients that receive services, and at least $550 child support has been distributed to the family within the fiscal year.