Wake County's Child Support Enforcement Program partners with custodial parents, caretakers, and non-custodial parents to ensure that families obtain both financial and medical support for children. Through the location of parents, establishment of paternity and support obligations, and the enforcement of these obligations the Program promotes family self-sufficiency and child well-being. The Program strives to accomplish the goal of economic self-sufficiency for families by consistently collecting millions of dollars for the benefit of the children.

In 2012, 92% of child support collections directly benefited families. The Program collected more than $47 million, for more than 22,500 families, established paternity for 1,927 children, and established 1,992 child support and medical coverage orders.

Wake County has led the way to support responsible fatherhood by cooperating with the National Fatherhood Initiative and the Father's Forever Program. The Program supports families by providing access and referrals to education and resources regarding custody, visitation and mediation programs. Most importantly, the Program has helped in the fight to decrease welfare dependence. It has evolved from a public assistance recoupment program to a program that provides support directly to families and children. Such collaborations have yielded significant improvements in making Wake County’s vision of economic self-sufficiency a reality for the community.