Wake County's Child Support Program partners with a total of 57,846 participants (custodial parents, caretakers, children and non-custodial parents) to make sure that families obtain both financial and medical support for children. Through the location of parents, establishment of paternity and support obligations, and the enforcement of these obligations the Program promotes family self-sufficiency and child well-being. The Wake County Child Support Office strives to accomplish the goal of economic self-sufficiency for families by consistently collecting millions of dollars for the benefit of the children we serve.

The Wake County Child Support Office provides services to 21,028 cases, of which  18,297 of these cases have orders requiring monitoring, enforcement, and modification via administrative and/or judicial processes.  The Office has also supported families by providing access and referrals to education and resources regarding custody, visitation and mediation programs, in addition to developing partnerships with programs and organizations that support responsible fatherhood.  The Program's commitment to ensuring the success of our participants, has led us to: work in cooperation with the National Fatherhood Initiative; partner with Re-Entry Initiatives; Fathers Forever; the Triangle Family Resource Center; Steps 2 Success; the NC Works employment programs; and other community initiatives supporting children and families.

At close of the 2017 fiscal year, the office collected $48.709 million. A total of 99% of the amount collected was paid directly to custodians providing care to minor children. Only 1% of the collections were paid to County, State, or our Federal partners. This achievement demonstrates the Program's commitment to the reduction of poverty, public spending on welfare, and the financial security of children and custodians.