We work in cooperation with other public and private entities to protect children, strengthen families, and help all Wake County residents to achieve maximum self-sufficiency.
North Carolina has a federally mandated, State-supervised, and County-administered social services system. This means the federal government authorizes and funds the majority of national programs, and the State government provides oversight and support. It is the local county departments of social services that actually deliver the services and benefits to the residents of North Carolina.
In North Carolina, the single administrative agency is the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). In Wake County, the Department of Human Services is the umbrella agency that encompasses the Division of Social Services.
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NC FAST Update

*** NEW ***

April 22, 2014 – Wake County has completed the list of overdue Food and Nutrition cases by the deadline the USDA implemented for NC to complete its backlog of overdue cases.

Wake County Human Services is experiencing long delays in our ability to process your Medicaid applications. We are working diligently to get applications processed as quickly as possible. If you have submitted an application to us, please know that we are working to process that application as quickly as possible. Please do not resubmit additional applications.

In addition, DHHS received approval for a waiver that allows all N.C. counties to continue to use the old system instead of NC FAST to determine eligibility for active Family Medicaid cases that are coming up for recertification.
If you are currently receiving Medicaid and your certification period ends at the end of the month, your benefits will automatically be extended if we have not completed your case.
Human Services continues to work to address the backlog of NC FAST and Medicaid applications as NC FAST is implemented. We also continue to work closely with DHHS to report any system issues we are experiencing and to seek a resolution. The County has created new positions and dedicated many existing resources to NC FAST to better serve residents.
The Customer Service Center is providing other options to receive general information and Medicaid application status via an email addressPlease DO NOT send us any private or confidential information (such as your Social Security Number or medical conditions) via email.


Please DO NOT send any additional applications, as that will further delay the processing of your initial application. We continue to encourage all of our potential clients to apply ONLINE for Medicaid and Food and Nutrition Services programs using ePASS at epass.nc.gov.
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Please see more detailed information on our NC FAST Special Initiatives page:

NC FAST Update

Medicaid Provider Lists

There are several ways to find a Medicaid doctor, dentist or other medical provider. Before you make an appointment, be sure to ask if the provider still takes Medicaid patients. The NC Department of Health and Human Services maintains several Medicaid Provider Lists including primary care providers, dentists, mental health providers and Medicaid specialists.

Wake County Resource Guide 2014


Applications to Download and Complete​​

Consolidated Medicaid Application

Medicaid Application for Adults, Children and Families

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