Every day, Public Health is at work to make Wake County a safer and healthier place for you to live, work, learn, and play. 
Public Health protects the public by:
  • Monitoring the environment to ensure it is healthy and safe
  • Investigating disease outbreaks and taking action to prevent further spread
  • Preparing for and responding to disasters and emergencies
PubliWeb Essential Public Health Services.gifc health prevents disease through:
  • Education that focuses on personal practices needed to stay health
  • Access to preventive health care services, especially for those most at risk
Public health promotes healthy lifestyles by:
  • creating and maintaining  policy that improves the length and quality of life while reducing future medical costs and loss of productivity

Public Health Data

The Division of Public Health also has a role in collecting, analyzing and publishing data to help others learn more about health trends and risks in our community.  As a result, the Division of Public Health engages in processes that collect a wide variety of data and produce a number of publications.  The Community Health Needs Assessment process and reports such as the Community Health Needs Assessment Reports, State of the County's Health Reports and Public Health Quarterly Reports all provide information about the health and well-being of our community.