The Community Advocacy Committee membership representation includes Community members (representing private businesses, non-profit groups, governmental entities, educational associations, consumers, etc.), Community partners, and County Staff (Staff Liaison).

The Community Advocacy Committee(s) referred to as CACs are committed to working with their regional communities and rural service areas to assure quality services for the citizens of Wake County.  The committee(s) shall serve as a resource to Wake County, the Human Services Board and staff of the Human Services Centers in initial and continuing planning activities.  Those activities include identification of needs and priorities and implementation of plans for the service areas and the Human Services Centers.  The committee serves as a forum for information sharing to increase coordination and service linkages within the community and encourage broad-based community decision-making in the development of service strategies. 



The Vision of the Millbrook Center Community Advocacy Committee (CAC) is to be a diverse, networked, community catalysts achieving measurable outcomes that help our neighbors thrive.

Community Advocacy Committee (CAC) Functions:

  • Identify community needs
  • In partnership with the community, identify and develop and support collaborative solutions to address community needs
  • Make recommendations for new programs and services, or improvements in services
  • Educate the community about the kinds of services and resources offered at the Millbrook Center and in the community at large, and how to access services

The CAC meets monthly, the 2nd Friday of every month at the Millbrook Human Services Center. Please see below the meeting schedule, CAC members, Chair and Co-Chair.   

If you are interested in becoming a member, attending a meeting 
or for more information, please contact 
Samuel Salinas at 919-431-4019 or email samuel.salinas@wakegov.com 
​January ​February March​​ ​April May​ ​June
10th 14th 13th 10th ​8th 12th
July​ ​August ​September ​October ​November ​December
10th 14th ​11th 9th ​13th ​11th
 *Dates and the location of meetings are subject to change.  
Community Advocacy Committee Members: Shaunte Adams, Michael Ballen, Jahyeda Casiano, Maty Ferrer, Richard Fitzgerald, Kathy Flaherty, Doug Gamble, Petra Hager, Anthony Harris, Michelle Hildreth, Lesa Howard, Caroline Janes,
Dana King, Nikki Lyons, John Odom, Grant Partin, Samuel Salinas,
Brenda Schneider, Austin Smoak, Stephanie Treadway, Lori Welborn
John Odom
​John Odom, Chair
Michelle Hildreth 
​Michelle Hildreth, Co-Chair