The Crosby-Garfield Advocacy Group (CAG) was formed in 2014 to ensure continuous input in strategy development and marketing. Representatives include families that are receiving services, community partners, Raleigh CAC representatives, and representatives from the immediate neighborhood. The group focuses on identifying and connecting existing resources and partners in the areas of:

  • Health concerns
  • Youth concerns
  • Senior citizens
  • Families in the immediate neighborhood
  • Physical environment in the 1.5-mile radius around the center

Crosby-Garfield Community Advocacy Group Members

​Name Organization
​Alice Lutz ​Triangle Family Services
​Allison Grubbs ​Community Member
​Angela Jackson ​Passage Home, Inc.
​Caroline Harper ​WCHS
​Charlenzo Belcher ​WCHS
​Derrick Byrd ​Family Resource Center of Raleigh
​Diana Powell (Chair) ​Justice Served NC, Inc.
​Elizabeth Wiechel ​Learning Together
​Gordon Smith ​Community Member
​Jose Picart ​NCSU
​Lauren Thomas ​Learning Together
​Linda Riggins ​UNC
​Louise Crumel Williams ​Learning Together and Community Member
​Lynette Adkins Dillard ​Telemon Corp – Crosby Head Start
​Melvin Jackson ​Strengthening the Black Family
​Nikki Lyons ​WCHS
​Patricia Mial-Mosley ​Single Women with Children, Inc.
​Priscilla Diane Awkard (Vice Chair) ​Coastal Federal Credit Union
​Regina Petteway ​WCHS
​Rev. Keith R. Hicks ​Revelation Missionary Baptist Church
​Royce Hathcock ​Neighbor to Neighbor
​Ruth Sutherland ​WCHS
​Shei Bedsole ​Clubs in the City Urban Youth Development
​Susanne Berger ​Neighbor Health Center, Inc.

Informational Documents and Maps

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