MP900427611.JPGHomelessness is a sad reality for some citizens. Men, women, families and youth experience homelessness for a variety of reasons, such as lack of affordable housing, low-paying jobs, substance and alcohol abuse, mental illness and family conflict.  Criminal records, bad credit, poor employment histories and deficient independent living skills are additional causes. Wake County's high cost of living, especially housing expenses, makes a homeless person's transition to full economic self-sufficiency an often long and frustrating process. Although numerous supportive services and programs exist for people experiencing homelessness in this community, funding for these services has not kept pace with demand. This has resulted in more people experiencing homelessness on either a temporary or chronic basis.

In Wake County, 1,116 people were counted in a one-day survey of homelessness in January 2012. Over the course of a year more than 4,000 different individuals experience homelessness in Wake County. Most people in our community find themselves homeless because they are priced out of the housing market.

A concentrated effort is under way to solve the problem of homelessness in Wake County. After many years of discussion and growing frustration with a "manage the problem" approach, in February 2005 the Raleigh/Wake County 10-year Action Plan to End and Prevent Homelessness was published. Sponsored by a partnership of Wake County Continuum of Care, City of Raleigh, Triangle United Way, and Wake County, with input from consumers, citizens, business leaders and service professionals, this comprehensive plan is now being implemented across the community. View these homeless services offered in Wake County.