Combines support services with housing opportunities to offer tenants a wide range of services designed to improve the quality and stability of their lives while increasing independence.
Provides housing information to consumers who are seeking affordable housing or who have specific questions about housing.  These sessions are conducted each day, Monday through Friday at 4:00 pm at the Human Services Building, located at 220 Swinburne Street.
Ready to Rent is a tenant education workshop that provides guidance in how to access and maintain affordable housing.  The curriculum focuses on tenant accountability, fair housing laws, financial literacy, credit repair, landlord tenant/communication and more. Graduates of this workshop receive housing search services and brief case management services.  There is a fee for this workshop.
This is a list of websites that contain properties that offer units that are priced below market rate rent, income based rental rates, and /or accept Housing Choice (section 8) Vouchers issued by the public housing authorities.
This list contains properties that offered housing options for individuals that are age 55 and up and/or disabled.
Purchasing a home can be intimidating especially if this is your first home buying experience.  Steps-to-homeownership provides you with tips and information on how to begin the home-buying process as well as things you should consider during this process.
This list contains contact and resource information topics such as:  maintenance, repair, re-financing, insurance and more.


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