Rehabilitation Programs

Housing and Community Revitalization Division

The Wake County Housing and Community Revitalization Division offers two types of rehabilitation programs in order to meet the differing needs of citizens:

Elderly and Disabled Homeowner Grants

If you are elderly or disabled, and need modest repairs to your home to assist with mobility or retrofits needed after hospital stays, this grant program may be able to help you.  This program serves homeowners earning at or below 40% area median income (currently $30,640 for a family of four).

Emergency Grant Program

If you are a homeowner earning at or below 40% are median income (currently $30,640 for a family of four), and you are in danger because of a problem with your home that needs to be fixed immediately, an emergency grant may be able to assist you.  Eligible repairs include: heating, well/septic, roof, and electrical hazards.
For information on these rehabilitation programs or to find out if you  are eligible, please contact Arlene Vinson at

Potential Homeowners

If you are interested in buying a home, there are opportunities for first-time homebuyers to learn about the process and take low-cost housing counseling lessons.
Some of the area’s HUD certified housing counseling agencies include Downtown Housing Improvement Corporation (919-832-4345), Triangle Family Services (919-821-1170), and NACA (919-855-8484).

Converting your home to affordable housing

Would you like to become a landlord and rent your home? If you can keep the rent affordable (below 80% Area Median Income- amount varies depending on family size) and can maintain in good landlord/tenant relationships, please contact David Harris at