While Wake County has been fortunate to experience a great deal of growth and prosperity, that good fortune has not extended to every resident in our county.

Across Wake County, more than 100,000 households were identified as being cost burdened, meaning they spend 30 percent or more of their income on housing. This is more than one quarter of the county’s households.

While the number of people and families who need affordable housing is increasing, the supply of affordable housing in Wake County is not growing fast enough to meet the demand.

Addressing the Issue

In March 2016, Wake County leaders were briefed on the state of affordable housing across the community. The momentum generated in that meeting led to the September 2016 recommendation of a 20-year, countywide affordable housing plan.

The plan will provide analysis of current housing needs and strategies to prepare for continued growth, ultimately improving access to affordable housing.

The following week, during its Sept. 19, 2016, meeting, the Wake County Board of Commissioners established the Wake County Affordable Housing Steering Committee to provide guidance and engage the public during the development of the Affordable Housing Plan.

The Process

In October 2016, a consulting firm was hired to assist staff in the development of the plan and facilitate the steering committee process. The team held their first meeting on Jan. 31, 2017. They will meet monthly for one year and deliver a 20-year, comprehensive Affordable Housing Plan to the board before October 2017.

The plan will consist of a three-phase process:

PHASE ONE: Data collection and analysis
The team will assess all public, private and nonprofit efforts to provide affordable housing in Wake County and identify critical affordable housing gaps that are not currently being addressed.

PHASE TWO: Strategy development
The team will develop strategies and specific near-, intermediate- and long-term initiatives to address the critical affordable housing gaps identified.

PHASE THREE: Comprehensive plan creation
The team will translate the key findings and strategies from the previous components into a comprehensive plan to expand access to affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households in Wake County.


Wake County will continue to work with the steering committee through December, 2017 to engage and educate the community on the Affordable Housing Plan.

There will be several opportunities for public input throughout the process. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates!