Breastfeeding support is a core WIC function. As such, Wake County WIC protects, promotes and supports breastfeeding as the normal feeding method for infants.

Support for Clients

Wake County WIC breastfeeding services for families include:

Encouragement for mothers to breastfeed wherever the mother chooses to feed her baby, including posted signage in English and Spanish.

Designated private breastfeeding/pumping space in Wake County’s Sunnybrook building and regional centers is available for any mother who requests privacy to breastfeed or pump.

Promotion and discussion of breastfeeding for all prenatal clients at WIC certification and follow-up visits by WIC nutritionists.

Prenatal telephone contacts by peer counselors to WCHS prenatal clients to discuss infant feeding options, to encourage breastfeeding, and to answer questions or concerns about breastfeeding.

Peer counselors/breastfeeding technicians provide breastfeeding support via telephone, clinic appointments and home visits.  Peer counselors are normally on site Monday through Friday at the 10 Sunnybrook building and regional centers. 

Protection of milk supply via hospital-grade electric pump loans, manual pumps and single user electric pumps for qualifying mother and baby dyads.  Assessment for pump loan and/or issuance is provided by WIC nutritionists, breastfeeding support peer counselors, and breastfeeding technicians. 

A Wake County WIC breastfeeding “warm line” (919-250-4720, option 6) is available for leaving messages regarding breastfeeding questions or concerns; calls to answer messages are made within one business day by a Wake County WIC breastfeeding support peer counselor.

Prenatal and postpartum WIC classes for breastfeeding promotion and management are offered weekly at the 10 Sunnybrook building in a group class setting and as one-on-one contacts at regional centers.

WIC food packages reflective of the mother-infant dyad’s breastfeeding status.  Breastfeeding mothers who are not receiving any formula from WIC for their babies receive WIC’s largest food package for women and the largest food package of infant cereal and infant food for infants at 6 months of age and older.

Breastfeeding-friendly WIC clinics and offices.  There are no visible signs of formula, formula posters, or formula logos.  Signage in English and Spanish encourages breastfeeding wherever the mother wants to feed her baby and offers a private space to breastfeed on request.

Wake County WIC staff receive breastfeeding training to understand the WIC breastfeeding philosophy and to be able to promote and support breastfeeding within the scope of their role in WIC.

Fax referrals for Breastfeeding Support and/or Pump Assessment to 919-212-7558:

Support for Providers

Wake County Human Services: Regional Breastfeeding Training Center for Perinatal Region IV

Trainings and in-services are available on request for public health agency staff:


Public health agency staff and other medical professionals serving the WIC eligible population within perinatal region IV may receive in-service training and continuing education sessions in lactation.


Staff trainings or in-services in breastfeeding support can be provided on request for any team providing services to breastfeeding dyads who are WIC eligible.  Training topics can be tailored to the needs of the specific team.

When and where:

Staff trainings can be during team staff meetings or at separate times.  Trainings are scheduled to meet the needs of staff.


For more information or to request a staff training, contact Perinatal Region IV Breastfeeding Coordinator, Jam Gourley, BS, IBCLC, at or at 919-280-8684.


Training will allow public health agency staff and other providers to become more knowledgeable, competent, and confident with breastfeeding promotion and support resulting in increased breastfeeding initiation, exclusivity and duration among WIC participants.

Other Support

Lactation conferences, workshops, webinars, and resources for Providers:

NC Breastfeeding Coalition  ​
NC Nutrition Services Branch
US Breastfeeding Committee
Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine