Babies were born to be breastfed. 

A mother's milk is perfect for her baby, and breastmilk has many protective qualities that help keep babies healthy, even into childhood and beyond. Parents of breastfed babies miss fewer days of work because breastfed babies get sick less often than formula-fed babies. Moms, dads, grandparents and the entire family can all be part of breastfeeding, and babies can bond with – and love – everyone involved! Breastfeeding is convenient and can fit into active lifestyles. Wake County Human Services' WIC Program is dedicated to supporting breastfeeding, both before and after the baby arrives.

Need breastfeeding support? 

Speak with your Nutritionist during your WIC visit or call the WIC Program at 919-250-4720 and select option “6” to leave a message on the WIC Breastfeeding Warmline. A Breastfeeding Peer Counselor will return your call and help answer your questions.

Wake County buildings and WIC Offices are breastfeeding friendly.

Feel free to breastfeed your baby during your WIC visit, or if you prefer a private area, just ask. Designated private breastfeeding/pumping space in Wake County’s Sunnybrook building and regional centers is available for any customer or staff who is providing breastmilk for her infant and who needs a private area to pump (a breastfeeding mom will need to provide her own pump and kit, unless her kit is compatible with the pump on site in the breastfeeding/pumping room, in which case she may use her kit with the pump on site). The designated breastfeeding/pumping space is located within the WIC areas; any WIC employee can direct the staff to the location. (Please note that WIC cannot provide a kit or other single-user breastfeeding supply to a non-WIC mother.)