A Women’s Health Nutritionist is integrated with Women’s Health clinic and Community Health for individual and community education.

    Tips To Being Healthier

Eat Healthier!

  • Eating healthy can go a long way to reducing your risk for Heart Disease

  • Get 9 servings of fruits and veggies each day

  • Eat foods high in fiber

  • Look for foods that are low in salt, trans fat and saturated fats

    Keep Your Weight In A Healthy Range!!

    Losing weight is really a matter of adding and subtracting. You add fewer calories to your body when you eat healthy, eat less and stay away from fried and fast foods. You subtract calories from your body when you are active.


    Get 30 Minutes Or More Of Physical Activity Daily!!!

    Moving your body will result in big health gains! Walk, dance, ride a bike. Any activity that gets you moving can improve your weight, mood and blood pressure.


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