Now, let's get you READY... join us as we prepare you for your new addition to your family. Our childbirth classes are taught by Nationally Certified Childbirth Educators. The classes are taught in a fun, safe and interactive environment, that will prepare, empower, equip and build confidence in participants. Our classes are taught in both English and Spanish to serve our community to our fullest potential as well as 
offered with a variety of times and days.

Class Topics:
    • Physical and Emotional Changes of Pregnancy
    • Signs of Labor
    • Stages of Labor
    • Role of the Support Person
    • Labor Coping Skills
    • Medications used during Labor and Birth
    • Variations of Labor (Vacuum Extractor, Forceps, Pitocin, Episiotomy, etc.)
    • Cesarean Births (C-Sections)
    • Postpartum Care and Birth Control
    • Newborn Care (Evening Classes Only)
  “Expectant families will go on an virtual tour of WakeMed’s Maternity Center."
Classes are offered in English and Spanish
                  English Registration Form    Spanish Registration Form
For more information or to sign up for classes call 919-250-1004