Maternal and Child Health Program

The Maternal and Child Health Program is an “umbrella” service area that uses many services and strategies to ensure access and continuity of care to promote positive social and medical outcomes. Once engaged in care, services are available to women and their families based on medical, social, safety and/or educational need. Services continue during pregnancy until two months postpartum. For families with more intensive needs, services continue longer.

For more information contact: 919-250-4636


Child Health Promotion

The state of North Carolina has developed several programs to promote the health of young children and to help them get the best possible chance to grow and learn. These programs include newborn home visits and assessments, Care Coordination for Children, and Early Intervention services. The goal of these programs is to promote child health and well-being and early identification of children at risk for developmental delays.

For more information contact: 919-250-1154