4-H Clubs have been in existence in North Carolina for 100 years!


A 4-H Club is a group of youth and at least one adult leader who meet once a month or more around activities that interest club members.  4-H Clubs focus on "learning by doing," healthy habits and building lifelong skills. You can be part of Wake County 4-H by joining an existing club or starting a new one!

Wake County 4-H Programs are led by 4-H staff and help youth develop character, positive relationships, better social skills and healthy habits. 4-H Spaces is featured here, other programs can be found in Youth Leadership, 4-H For Families and 4-H Camp and Summer Programs.

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4-H Companion Animals

4-H Clubs  Wake 4-H Horse Program Youth Livestock Program Companion Animal Friends Club

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SPACES Wake Jr. Master Gardeners

     4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs are community-based and volunteer-led, centered on the needs and interests of youth. Clubs are open to all youth from ages 5 to 18, and focus on a variety of areas such as citizenship, leadership, animals, target sports, and more! There is no charge to join the Wake County 4-H Club program, but some clubs may charge dues to help cover the cost of food, supplies and activities for 4-H'ers. 

Starting a New Club
Starting a new 4-H Club in Wake County is easy! You can choose the name of your club, the meeting times and locations, what your club will do and who will lead your club!  At least two adult leaders are needed, and it's ideal to begin with a group of 5 youth.
Starting a new 4-H Club is a way to create a perfect fit for your family’s interests.  Our 4-H staff supports new leaders through the initial planning and paperwork. We are here to help your club get started! To learn more or to volunteer, please attend a 4-H Orientation.
Note: All 4-H leaders must first complete a 4-H Orientation, then a 4-H Club Leader Orientation and a background check prior to leading a Wake County 4-H Club.
Use the link below to view the calendar of upcoming 4-H Volunteer Orientations, 
4-H Club Leader Orientations: (must have completed 4-H Orientation first) and 4-H Club Leader Trainings:
Use this link to register for all 4-H Volunteer Orientations:
For more information or a list of clubs, email: 
Diane Schmidt
Or call: 919-212-9587
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Wake 4-H Horse Program
The Wake County 4-H Horse Program helps youth ages 5 to 19 develop life skills through working with horses.  In addition to showmanship, youth learn horse husbandry, nutrition, veterinary science and leadership. 
It is not necessary to own a horse and there is no fee for participating in the
Wake County 4-H Horse Program. 
2016 4-H Horse Achievement Forms
For more information visit:
Note: Youth who participate in NC 4-H District or State sponsored horse activities are required to pay the NC 4-H Horse Program $25 fee and complete the NC 4-H Horse Program Enrollment Form.
Important Forms for the 4-H Horse Program
Wake County 4-H Horse Show Information
For more information email: 
Heather Schaffer
Or call 919-250-1093

4-H Horse Council  

Any youth or adult in the Wake County 4-H Horse Program is welcome to attend Horse Council meetings.  Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at:  
Wake County Cooperative Extension
4001-E Carya Drive
Raleigh, NC 27610
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For more information email: 
Heather Schaffer
Or call 919-250-1093

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Youth Livestock Program 

Some Wake County 4-H Clubs involve youth working with livestock.

2015-2016 Learning About Livestock Series
Open to youth ages 9 to 18. Livestock experience is not required. Youth will be expected to study materials between practices as there is a lot of information to cover.
Wake County Cooperative Extension
4001-E Carya Drive
Raleigh, NC 27610
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For more information email: 
Heather Schaffer
Or call 919-250-1093
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   Companion Animal Friends Club
Do you have a dog, cat or some other delightful pet?
Are you at least 10 years old?
If so, you are in luck! 
We have a great 4-H club in Wake County just for you!
When: 4th Thursdays of each month, from  6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
For more information contact:
Renee Callahan, 4-H Club Leader at:
or call 919-667-3447 
Volunteers are welcome, too!
Forms and Information for Club Members:

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4-H Spaces is a social skills building group program primarily for youth involved in juvenile court.  Group sessions for high risk youth ages 10 to 16 help develop critical thinking, decision making, goal setting and other important life skills.  “Hands on” learn by doing sessions are held weekly for at least 2 hours.  
Youth learn about 3 types of Spaces:
        Inner Spaces:
 Personal mood management
 Healthy choices
        Shared Spaces:
Getting along with peers and adults
Making better decisions
Communication skills
Resolving conflicts
        Outer Spaces
Share their talents
Service learning
Community and school projects
For more information email: 
Charlenzo Belcher
If you'd like to learn more about other services for youth at risk, visit:
        NC Division of Juvenile Justice             NC Juvenile Services
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