4-H Youth Leadership helps young people gain the skills and confidence they'll need to prepare for the future.

4-H Youth Leadership engages young people in programs and organizations where they share a voice and influence in their communities.

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All Night Annual Event for
Youth ages 14–17
The 9th Annual Teen Talk Lock-In held at the Millbrook United Methodist Church was a great success with over 80 youth ages 13-17 participating.  The diverse group of boys and girls came from all over Wake County.
The 2014 Teen Talk Lock-In's 12 hours of frank discussions led by peer youth educators, and monitored by trained adult health educators, covered topics ranging from HIV/STD and pregnancy prevention to dating and relationships, all in a safe, fun and non-judgmental environment.  Many participants took advantage of voluntary counseling and testing offered by the Wake County HIV/STD staff.
As a result of attending the event, youth indicated new comfort levels discussing sexual health topics with a parent, caring adult or significant other.  Many responded that they eagerly look forward to the 2015 Lock-In, and were interested in learning how to become trained peer educators.
The event is in alignment with “Let’s Talk,” whose purpose is to increase education and communication regarding sexual health issues.

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Central Carolina Graduate Chapter of
Swing Phi Swing
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        El Pueblo, Inc.
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Alice Poe Center for
 Health Education


Smart Girls Smart Choices

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A natural high is an activity, art form or sport that you love to do and makes you feel good...inside and out
Wake County 4-H
Peer Youth Education Program
 Do you have great leadership skills? Are you 14–17 years of age? Then we encourage you to apply as a 4-H Peer Youth Educator Volunteer. Learn about adolescent pregnancy prevention while gaining volunteer and professional development experience to add to your resume!
The goal of the 4-H PYE Program is to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) among Wake County youth. This will be achieved by educating and training high school students about various sexual and reproductive health topics using an experiential learning approach. Participants will learn best practices related to peer youth education, helping to prepare them to educate other teens about the consequences of having sex.
Select the links below to apply and for program information and forms:
For more information contact: 
Daniel Bulatek
Karee Redman
Wake County 4-H
Youth Advocates
for Health in Action

Mapping Team

Using geographic information systems (GIS) technology, team members are given a variety of opportunities for leadership development, learning marketable skills and opportunities to present their work on a professional level.

The US Department of Labor has identified nanotechnology, biotechnology and geographic information systems (GIS) as the top 3 emerging fields.
Marketable skills in GIS prepare you for an employable future.
Team Members gain:
Ø Interviewing and presentation experience
Ø Skills in technologies that are in high demand
Ø The ability to advocate for a healthier community
Teams meet 2 to 4 times per month depending on the project and will have tasks outside of scheduled meeting times. Some, but not all, projects offer a stipend.
Previous projects have addressed gang tagging, healthy food options, physical activity resources, crosswalks, youth service providers, sporting goods, help for orphans, transportation issues, and more!
Team members have presented at professional conferences in NC, CA, OR and AZ, and internationally in Dominican Republic, Panama and Chile.
For information about open team member positions, contact:
Thomas Ray