Forms for 4-H Participants

Intent to Compete.pdfIntent to Compete (for youth living outside of Wake County) 


Forms for 4-H Clubs and Groups

Wake County 4-H Webinars

Youth and adults are welcome to register for 4-H webinars. These online meetings with 4-H staff are a way to increase your understanding of the "systems" in 4-H and to help your club or your child take advantage of all that 4-H has to offer. 

4-H'ers may also register for these trainings, but younger 4-H members may find it helpful to have a parent or club leader nearby! 

Register here for any of the 4-H webinars.​

October 2, 2017                      4-H Club Officer Training
7–8:30 p.m.

Being a 4-H club officer is a big responsibility!  This training is for 4-H youth who are currently serving or who hope to serve as an officer in a 4-H club and also for club leaders who want to learn more about the roles of club officers.


October 17, 2017                    4-H Record Book Training
7–8:30 p.m.

4-H Record Books and Portfolios are tools to teach record-keeping and track growth in project goals. This training is for 4-H youth who want to learn how to put together an award-winning 4-H Record Book or 4-H Portfolio and for parents and 4-H club leaders who work with youth completing 4-H Record Books.


November 28, 2017    4-H Club & Enrollment Paperwork 2017 Training
7–8:30 p.m.

This training is for 4-H club leaders and parents of 4-H members-at-large. Learn about what forms are needed to re-enroll for individual members for the 2018 year. The webinar will also instruct 4-H club leaders on how to re-charter their 4-H club for 2018.


December 4, 2017                  4-H Scholarships and Awards Info
7–8 p.m.  

4-H offers many opportunities for awards and scholarships, but it is important to know what you need to include in your applications in order to be successful!  This webinar is for 4-H youth and adults working with 4-H youth. The first part of the webinar will cover general 4-H awards and the second part of the webinar will have specific information about applying for 4-H college scholarships.


NC 4-H Awards Handbook
The NC 4-H Awards Handbook outlines all of the awards and scholarships available through the State 4-H program for the current year. 

4-H Project Record Books and Portfolio Forms 

4-H Record Books are a way for 4-H’ers to plan and record their 4-H year. Record Books are also a competition for 4-H members at the county, district, and state levels. Youth ages 5 through 18 should complete a Record Book each year, although Cloverbud Books (ages 5–8) are neither judged nor critiqued, but receive feedback from reviewers to help the 4-H’er improve their work in future projects.
Age and Project and Cumulative Record Book Completion

In 4-H, age is determined by the age the youth member was on January 1 of the program year. For 2016 Record Books (which were due in January 2017), the
4-H'er would do a Record Book based on how old s/he was on January 1, 2016.

4-H Project Record Books (1 year of work)
Project Record Book 9-10 3-16.docxProject Record Book 9–10 Horse Supplement 9-10.docxHorse Supplement 9–10
Project Record Book 11-12 3-16.docxProject Record Book 11–12 Horse Supplement 11-12.docxHorse Supplement 11–12
Project Record Book 13-18 3-16.docxProject Record Book 13–18 Horse Supplement 13-15.docxHorse Supplement 13–15
Horse Supplement 16-18.docxHorse Supplement 16–18

4-H Portfolios (3 years of work, ages 13+) 
4-H Portfolio.docx4-H Portfolio                                                  

Questions about 4-H Forms?