The goal of Wake County Employment Services is to empower individuals to find, change or maintain meaningful employment in the community. Employment services leverages external and internal partners to enable individuals to conduct career assessments and exploration, develop career goals, determine training and education options, conduct strategic job searches, and to succeed and grow in their new job.

The NCWorks Career Center at Swinburne provides the key entry point for individuals to engage in value-added activities and programs, including WIOA, FNS Employment & Training and Job Search Training, through effective assistance, information and referral services.
Employment Services and the Workforce Development Team develop business connections through community outreach, the Wake Area Business Advisory Council (BAC), various local chambers of commerce, and job development activities. These connections enable real-time opportunities and insights into effective job search strategies.
From July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019, job seekers made over 10,000 visits to the NCWorks Career Centers (formerly known as JobLink Centers) located at Wake County Human Services at Swinburne. An interagency team coordinated seven hiring events attended by over 414 job seekers. An additional 21 business days were held, serving 330 job seekers. There were 240 individuals receiving one-on-one assistance, resulting in 118 known placements.
Individuals receiving Food & Nutrition Services (FNS/Food Stamps) may be eligible to enroll in the FNS Employment & Training program. This voluntary program works with participants in developing a personal career plan and accessing job search and vocational training. To find out if you qualify, email the team.