Public Health Research

Wake County: Promoting, Protecting and Improving Community Health
Public Health-based research advances the knowledge base and best practice skills in a consolidated human services agency. It helps to identify needs, barriers and practical solutions to the long term health of Wake County residents. Wake County has longstanding partnerships with academic centers, community organizations and other institutions to research innovations and improvements in medical treatments, public health practice and delivery of human services.
Protecting Research Participants
WCHS ensures that Wake County staff or customers who choose to participate in approved research proposals are protected. The WCHS Research Review Panel (Panel) evaluates all proposals for using Wake County staff, customers or facilities to carry out research. Proposals must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the research facility prior to review by the Panel. The multidisciplinary Panel reviews proposals twice per month to ensure that they comply with federal regulations for ethical research.
Submit a Research Proposal for Review
  1. Before submitting a proposal, you will need to identify and reach out to a Wake County staff sponsor who works with the target population or is a subject matter expert.
  2. Click, complete and submit the Research Submission Form.
  3. Return to this page and use the link below to email us study documents for review including: IRB Approval Letter/Email, IRB application, study abstract or summary, copies of recruitment materials, informed consent forms and/or other critical materials: