Public Health Reports

These reports provide information about health and safety trends in Wake County.

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Chronic Diseases


Chronic Diseases
Chronic Diseases
Communicable Diseases  2017 

Injury Report 2018 

Injury Report 2017
 Indicator Report 2014 

Injuries 2016


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Wake County State of the County's Health Report

This yearly report provides information on the health status of the County. The State of the County's Health Report is published during the interim three years between community health assessments.
Wake County is poised to be a national leader in population health. By taking a broader view of community health and looking beyond medical care to such social determinants as housing, transportation, education, employment, social support, culture and the physical environment, we can begin to focus the county’s extraordinary assets toward creating a healthier environment to improve the health and well-being of all our residents. In 2017, the Wake County Board of Commissioners appointed the Population Health Task Force to clarify this vision. This report is a blueprint for placing population health at the center of our shared efforts.

Community Health Needs Assessments are conducted every three to four years in a process that collects information that identifies the strengths, resources and needs of the County as a community. The information is then analyzed and compiled into a report that provides  information about the health of the community as it is today as well as the community's ability to improve the lives of the people who live there. The report is used by community members who come together to develop a plan of action to address the priorities identified through the assessment.