CPS In-Home Services are provided after a CPS assessment has concluded that children were abused, neglected, or dependent and are at risk of serious future harm without ongoing protective services.  The goal of CPS In-Home Services is to work collaboratively with families to keep children safely in their homes.
Child and Family Teams
Within 7 days of the completion of an assessment that resulted in a referral for In-Home Services, CPS will meet with a family to explain the case decision and the reason for the referral.  Often, a new social worker will be introduced.  Parents will be asked who they would like to invite to a Child and Family Team (CFT) meeting that will be scheduled to plan services. 
At the CFT meeting, participants work together to develop a service plan, that:
  • builds on the strengths of the family
  • addresses the needs of the children
  • focuses on safety and wellbeing of the children in the family

CPS knows that families will be more likely to benefit from a plan that they help design. 

Child and Family Teams will meet at regular intervals to review progress and modify plans as needed. 

Each family’s service plan will be different and depend on the family’s strengths, their children’s safety and wellbeing needs, and the family’s preferences. 
Examples of possible services and activities include: 
  • Frequent and regular visits with all family members
  • Announced and unannounced home and/or school visits
  • Mental health or substance abuse assessment and treatment for adults and/or children
  • Education or training in parenting and positive approaches to discipline
  • Assistance with accessing health insurance, food and nutrition services, WIC, child care, and other benefit programs for which the family may be eligible
  • Referral to programs to help parents find employment


Are CPS In-Home Services voluntary?

CPS only refers families to CPS In-Home Services when it believes children are at risk for entering foster care if effective services are not provided.  CPS makes every effort to work with parents to reach an agreement on an In-Home Services plan.  If a family is not willing to accept CPS In-Home Services, CPS considers whether the risk to children is serious enough to petition the family court for custody or other intervention.


When do CPS In-Home Services end?
CPS In Home Services are intended to be short term, usually lasting less than 12 months.  If a family fails to make progress of if children are again maltreated or endangered, Child Welfare may need to petition the court to take legal custody of children.  In the great majority of cases, In-Home services are completed when the family has made progress so that children are no longer at risk for serious harm.