Virtual Adoption Information Fair

Thinking about adoption but don’t know where to begin? Join us for a virtual adoption fair and learn about:
  • The adoption process,
  • Adoption agency partners,
  • Adoption assistance,
  • Support and resources,
  • Successful adoption stories, and
  • Wake County’s waiting children.

     Saturday, Nov. 21
     11 a.m.–noon

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Becoming a foster or adoptive parent will change your life and the life of a child. Maybe not at first, but as months and years pass, both will be affected. And, someday, when you are older and wonder if you've made a difference, here's what that child will know:

  • Now an adult, he has a life with a little more purpose and a lot more love.
  • She would never have experienced an alternate "safe family," except that you chose to be a foster parent.
  • He has a job and pays the bills, because you taught him how to work.
  • She completed school, because you made sure the homework was done.
  • That families are treated with respect, because you modeled dignity.


Foster care is temporary care for children who have the ultimate goal of returning home to their birth parents or other relatives. Foster parents play a vital role in understanding the needs of the children during these difficult times, and their help, intervention, and nurturing can make all the difference to a child in need.


Adoption is the means of providing permanent placement for children who cannot return to their family home. It provides children with a family that can give them love, care, protection and opportunities essential for their personal growth and development.


Who are the children waiting to be adopted?

Children available for adoption through our agency are in the foster care system and are unable to return home because of neglect, abuse or abandonment by their parents or caretakers. Our children are typically school age and often part of a sibling group. We have a particular need for families willing to consider adopting older children.


Who can adopt?

Adopting families can be older or younger, wealthy or of modest income, two-parent or single-parent, homeowner or renter. The primary requirement is that you can provide a healthy, loving and nurturing home with adequate space for yourself and your child.

For more information about the adoption process, you can attend one of the information sessions, contact the Adoption Resource Team at 919-212-7878.

To learn more about children across our state waiting to be part of a family, call 1-877-NCKID-1 or visit the N.C. Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network.

Think about what you could do. If you believe that you can make a difference,
call Wake County Human Services at 919-212-7474.