​The Human Services Board’s Top Priorities

The Wake County Human Services Board must review and study policy and any related administrative issues (non-priority issues) that require action by the Board.  The Board also works to ensure the progress of Committee work plans, conducts the nominating process for new Board members and officers, and ensures quality Board representation.  
The Wake County Human Services Board will be providing general oversight, defining program needs, determining action-oriented strategies, establishing priorities and engaging the broader community in support of the following group-determined priorities: 
  1. Support strategies to address the need for foster and adoptive parents
  2. Support expansion of Medicaid
  3. Improve access to economic services, job training and affordable housing
  4. Transportation
  5. Address food insecurity and hunger
  6. Improve access to care and medical homes
  7. Environmental advocacy in areas of water quality and water quantity
Wake County Human Services Board