Wake County Human Services seeks to define its own mission and priorities and to build partnerships and community capacity with existing community resources. As a result, the agency may determine its best course is to partner with or contract with an outside entity to help fulfill the agency's mission.  In these circumstances, a centralized contracts management team in the Administration/Operations Division operates in a technical assistance capacity.

The Human Services Contracts & Grants Team
works closely with the Wake County Finance department to manage grants, requests for proposals, bids, and the procurement of goods and services for all Wake County agencies.
View additional information here on doing business with Wake County
Please contact the Human Services Contracts & Grants team members with any questions:
Terrance Mumphery
Dept. Procurement & Disbursement Manager
terrance.mumphery@wakegov.com ​​919-231-5952​
Danielle Dodson
Contracts Administrator
Susan Nolan
Contracts Administrator
susan.nolan@wakegov.com ​​​919-212-7076
Brenda Nyamodi
Contracts Administrator
brenda.nyamodi@wakegov.com ​919-212-7606
Frances McRay
Program Assistant
​Juanita Fogg
Grants Accounting Supervisor
(reports to WCHS Dept. Finance Officer​)
juanita.fogg@wakegov.com ​919-212-7635