Why Partnerships?

Partnership development and support are critical components of service to Wake County. The Division of Administration and its Office of Consumer and Community Affairs serve as points of entrée and liaison for citizens, organizations and community partners seeking to address shared goals and outcomes for Wake County. Our goal is to create and nurture strong, effective partnerships that are focused on the needs of Wake County residents and the families served by Wake County.

The Division facilitates, monitors progress, and reports on action plans of established partnerships, work teams, coalitions and task forces of priority interest to our communities. Partnership work may include initial development, tracking and evaluation of shared work with community organizations, schools and universities, businesses, faith groups, and other county departments. 


Community Collaboratives
These include efforts to consolidate the influence of important stakeholders and institutions around particular initiatives like: Behavioral Health, Public Health, Children/Youth & Families, hospital care in the area (Capital Care).

Partnership Development Consultants
Consultants provide a level of expertise in the link between specialized sectors of our community and the mission of creating sustained autonomy for consumers.  This group of regionally assigned consultants is a primary source of partnership development expertise that works with agency staff and community partners. Their role is provide facilitation, consultation, and education to nonprofit organizations and community groups. Their goal is to build the capacities of partners so that they can meet community needs.