​The Wake County Human Services Research Review Panel meets twice per month to review research proposals for using Wake County clients as human subjects. Only IRB-approved proposals are considered by the review panel, and only after administrative approval by management of the service division involved.

Panel Membership

  1. Medical Director/Chair of the Panel
  2. Division of Administration Program Consultant
  3. Two (2) Non-affiliated Volunteers
  4. Ad Hoc Wake County Human Services Board Member
  5. Ad Hoc Subject Matter Expert(s), as assigned

Staff Support

  1. Division of Administration Program Assistant
  2. Division of Administration Program Manager

2014 Review Calendar

​May 13 June 10​ July 8 August 12​ September 9​ October 14 December 9
May 27 June 24 July 22 August 26​ September 23​ October 28​ December 23