Wake County Human Services partners with many colleges and universities to offer unpaid internships to students working towards degrees in a variety of professional disciplines, including social work, nursing, public health, pharmacy, allied health, and dental professions.
     Internships require that a student be currently enrolled in an academic institution and involve the completion of specified number of hours of specific experience to receive academic credit that leads to a degree in the student’s chosen field of study.  The intern must be under the direction of an appropriately credentialed professional who completes an evaluation of that student for the student’s coursework credit.
     Most interns are placed through ongoing agreements with local colleges and universities. Students are encouraged to first contact their college or universities’ field placement coordinator in their field of study when seeking a placement site. 
     The university representative can then explore the possibility of the placement with Wake County Human Services. A college or university must complete a contract with Wake County Government in order to place students in our agency.
     If Wake County Human Services has a need for an intern in a specific field of study, that opportunity will be posted in the Internships Section of our Volunteer Opportunities Directory.
Due to the volume of requests that are received and capacity limitations not every request can be accommodated. 
Contact Us:
If you have questions or feedback about Academic Internships, please feel free to contact us by telephone, e-mail or during our walk in office hours:
Caroline Lee, Internship Coordinator
(ph) 919-250-3842
(fax) 919-212-7139
Walk-in hours: 9 - 11a Mondays (Sunnybrook) or 2-4p Weds (Swinburne)
The WCHS Volunteer and Internship Services programs are a function of the Division of Administration.