Wake County is excited to announce our House Wake! Strategic Plan and to release our Request for Letters of Interest to partner on its implementation.

Description of Strategic Plan to House Wake

House Wake! is a strategic plan to minimize the effects of COVID-19 on homeless and precariously house Wake County residents, while maximizing opportunities for positive long-term outcomes.

This six-to eight-month strategic plan uses and coordinates federal, state and local funding to address the COVID-19 crisis within our homeless and precariously housed population and aims to move the maximum number of individuals possible to housing stability.

Request for Qualifications for COVID-19 Homeless Prevention Relocation Program

After initially gauging community partner interest through a request for Letters of Interest, the Housing Department is releasing a Request for Qualifications today for qualified community service agencies to partner with Wake County on intervention three. Selected agencies will receive funding to provide relocation assistance and financial support to households, which were not successfully stabilized by interventions one and two.

House Wake! Phase II RFQ – Homeless Prevention 20-073

House Wake! Announces Partnership with Telamon Corporation to Help Prevent Evictions due to COVID-19

Through a competitive bid process, the Wake County Department of Housing Affordability & Community Revitalization has selected Telamon Corporation to be the program administrator for the House Wake! Eviction Prevention Program.

The partnership with Telamon Corporation focuses specifically on eviction prevention, which is the first intervention in a three-step process focused on reducing evictions in Wake County by providing resources to tenants and landlords. It will pay 50% of back rent owed, as well as a portion of future rent for up to three months, in exchange for landlords not pursuing eviction.

Telamon Corporation will start accepting applications for assistance from residents by the end of August. The company will also process the applications, coordinate in-take of perspective clients and facilitate payment to the landlords.

The Telamon Corporation is one of four organizations partnering with the county for Phase II of the House Wake! strategic plan. The others are:

·        City of Raleigh;

·        Legal Aid of North Carolina; and

·        The Raleigh Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness.

Together, these organizations will implement programs that prevent the displacement of Wake County renter households that suffered a loss of income as a result of COVID-19. Up to $17 million from CARES Act funding will be available to kickstart the program. The program is expected to serve up to 3,000 households in Wake County.

The House Wake! three-step intervention process consists of:

1.   Eviction Prevention, which aims to provide financial assistance to tenants and landlords to cover rent shortfalls resulting from a loss of income;

2.   Eviction Mediation Services, which provide pro-bono legal support through a partnership with Legal Aid of North Carolina for tenants who need legal counsel to negotiate filed evictions with landlords; and

3.   Relocation Assistance, which will assist with relocating residents whose housing could not be stabilized through interventions 1 or 2.

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House Wake! Phase 1 Awarded Funds

The Wake County Department of Housing Affordability & Community Revitalization has been working diligently to respond to the needs of our County’s most vulnerable populations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wake County has committed nearly $11.5 million in federal funding for these efforts through Phase I of the House Wake! Strategic Plan, with over $5.77 million of this funding available directly to partnering community agencies.

We are excited to announce that through the House Wake! Strategic Plan we have partnered with thirteen key community organizations to provide much needed services to vulnerable populations including individuals, families, youth, victims of domestic violence, and justice involved youth and adults. This partnership will ensure that these populations have access to housing assistance, street outreach, temporary housing, and case management.

Congratulations to the following community organizations on being awarded funds for their incredibly important work:

  • Oak City Cares
  • The Raleigh/Wake Partnership to End and Prevent Homelessness
  • Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Raleigh
  • t
  • Fa
  • r
  • Haven House
  • Triangle Family Services
  • Passage Home
  • Capital Area Workforce Development
  • The Green Chair Project
  • Healing Transitions
  • The Salvation Army of Wake County
  • Urban Ministries of Wake County

This chart provides more details including a brief description of the services the agencies are providing and the amount of funding for each activity.

Wake County will continue to monitor and respond to our community’s needs so that every person has access to safe, affordable housing during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The CARES Act, H.R. 748, signed into law on March 27, 2020, provides additional flexible funding to state, local, tribal and territorial governments, and public agencies, through familiar and new programs that can be used to address housing instability and homelessness.

  • $1,258,790 through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG)
  • $626,800 through Emergency Services Grants (ESG)
  • $132,656 through Housing Assistance for Persons with Aids (HOPWA)
  • Up to $193M through the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF)
    ***Only a portion of CRF funding will be available for the House Wake! plan***

In addition to these four programs, other housing-related funding in the CARES Act for which Wake County may apply includes FEMA Public Assistance, available to provide homeless services, and Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Documents related to this plan are listed below:

Responses, questions and/or comments should be emailed to Housing.Info@wakegov.com with the subject line: House Wake!

Requests for Proposals:

Wake County Affordable Housing Development Program (AHDP)

Wake County’s Department of Housing Affordability & Community Revitalization announces the availability of funds under the Affordable Housing Development Program (AHDP) to support the development of affordable housing through the use of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC).

The county seeks qualified developers to submit proposals for the rehabilitation or new construction of multifamily rental projects, including single-room occupancy units. Developments located within Wake County, including within the city limits of Raleigh, are eligible for county funding, which is contingent upon the approval of the proposed development by the Wake County Board of Commissioners and funding selection by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency (NCHFA).

Applications for 9% LIHTC projects are due January 24, 2020.

Wake County will accept 4% LIHTC projects until October 1, 2020. Further information about timelines is contained in the RFP documents.

Applications for non-tax credit projects are accepted year-round.

Applicants for 4% LIHTC projects and non-tax credit projects must notify us of intent to submit and schedule a pre-meeting before an application is submitted. All funding requests must be accompanied by a full application.

Questions about the AHDP program and the Request for Proposals may be directed to Mark Perlman, Lending Analyst, 919-856-5254.