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Resources for finding and helping pay for affordable rental units in Wake County

Housing opportunities combined with support services that improve quality of life and independence

Programs to combat homelessness and to support individuals and families experiencing homelessness

Program designed to help individuals and families remain in or identify permanent housing opportunities without entering the homeless system. 

Rehabilitation grants for low-income homeowners and resources for potential first-time homebuyers

Information sessions and workshops that teach how to access and maintain affordable housing

In-person service centers managed by Wake County and its partners.

Affordable Rental Housing

  • Raleigh Housing Authority
    The Raleigh Housing Authority owns and manages over 1,400 public housing units and administers over 3,915 Section 8 vouchers. There is generally a waiting list for both programs.

  • Housing Authority of the County of Wake
    The Housing Authority of the County of Wake has 343 public housing units and provides Section 8 vouchers to over 400 participants. The HACW also manages six rental houses for its affiliate, the Wake County Housing Finance Corporation (WCHFC).

  • SocialServe Website
    SocialServe is a website with affordable housing listings for rent and for sale.

  • Wake Network of Care Housing Search Resources
    Wake Network of Care is an online information portal that features links to a number of resources to help in the search for affordable rental housing.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Supportive housing combines affordable housing with intensive tenancy support services to help people who face the most complex challenges to live with stability, autonomy and dignity. It allows people to live independently who otherwise might not be able to do so.

The core services in supportive housing are:
  • Pre-tenancy
    • Outreach and engagement
    • Housing search
    • Application assistance
    • Move-in assistance
  • Tenancy-sustaining services
    • Landlord relationship management
    • Tenant stabilization services
    • Tenancy rights and responsibilities education
    • Eviction prevention
    • Crisis intervention
    • Program participation
In addition, supportive housing service providers link tenants to an array of primary and behavioral health care, education, employment, and community services.

Access to permanent supportive housing is received through the Coordinated Entry process.