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We provide Wake County orthophotography and shapefiles free of charge on this website as a courtesy to the GIS and CAD community. View our disclaimer
Online Maps: If you do not have access to GIS or CAD software, please visit our iMAPS site to view Wake County GIS data online. More than 75 layers are available for online viewing (aerial photos, floodplain, topo, parcels and many other layers).
Select and click on the data you would like to download below. The link will bring you to an ftp page. Instructions for downloading are at the top of each page.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call or 919-856-6360, or send an email.
We are currently using WinZip version 19.0. If you are using an earlier version you may have problems with these zip files.

Layer Note Format Grid
Metadata Information about Data Layers .xml or .doc NA
Orthophotography Naming Convention Explanation ---------> ImageryTileNaming.pdf
Countywide Orthophotography Color
Imagery is divided up using a grid system.
Use pdf map to find tiles --------->
“*tile*.sid” “*tile*.sdw” MrSID format.sid & .sdw (PDF Grid Map available for download)
Countywide Soils
Use pdf map to find tiles -------->
*tile*.zip Shapefile 400 Scale (PDF Grid Map available for download)
Topo: Outside Raleigh ETJ (1999)
Use pdf map to find tiles -------->
*tile*.zip Shapefile 400 Scale (PDF Grid Map available for download)
Topo: Wake County (2013) (Less Wendell)

Use pdf map to find tiles -------->
​*tile*.zip ​Shapefile ​400 Scale (PDF Grid Map available for download)
Topo: Raleigh ETJ (2012)
Use pdf map to find tiles -------->
“*tile*.zip” Shapefile 400 Scale (PDF Grid Map available for download)
Shapefiles Layer Description Update Frequency
ELECTORAL AND CENSUS Voter Precinct Boundaries Occasionally, as needed Voter Polling Places Occasionally, as needed NC House Districts Occasionally, as needed NC Senate Districts Occasionally, as needed Wake Commissioners Districts Occasionally, as needed School Board Districts Occasionally, as needed Congressional Districts Occasionally, as needed Judicial Districts Occasionally, as needed 2000 Census Data No updates planned 2010 Census Data No updates planned
JURISDICTIONS Corporate Limit Boundaries Monthly Planning Jurisdictions Monthly
PROPERTY Property Boundaries with Attributes Monthly NE Quadrant, Grid “QuadKey” Monthly NW Quadrant Grid “QuadKey” Monthly SE Quadrant Grid “QuadKey” Monthly SW Quadrant, Grid “QuadKey” Monthly
TRANSPORTATION Wake County Street Network Monthly Major Roads Monthly Highways Monthly Railroads No updates planned
ZONING Wake County Zoning Occasionally, as needed
Raleigh_Zoning­ City of Raleigh Zoning Monthly
ENVIRONMENTAL Rivers and Streams Every 5 years Lakes and Ponds Every 5 years Major Streams and Rivers Every 5 years Soils No Updates Planned Special Flood Hazard Areas No Updates Planned Major Stream Basins No Updates Planned
OPEN SPACE Parks and Open Space Monthly Privately Owned Open Space No Updates Planned Existing and Proposed Greenways Occasionally, as needed
PUBLIC SAFETY Police Stations Occasionally, as needed EMS Stations Occasionally, as needed EMS Franchises Occasionally, as needed EMS Response Areas Occasionally, as needed Fire Stations Occasionally, as needed County Fire Response Areas Occasionally, as needed Fire Insurance Districts Monthly Fire Response Area Monthly Fire Response Area
Raleigh Jurisdiction
GRIDS USGS Quads No Updates Planned 400 Scale Grid No Updates Planned 200 Scale Grid No Updates Planned 100 Scale Grid No Updates Planned Multiple Scale Grid No Updates Planned Property Quad Key No Updates Planned Orthophotography Key No Updates Planned
MISCELLANEOUS Existing and Preliminary Subdivisions Monthly Library Locations Occasionally, as needed Major Easements with Annotation Occasionally, as needed School Locations Occasionally, as needed Townships No Updates Planned Wake County Boundary No Updates Planned Zip Codes Monthly
CITY OF RALEIGH PLANIMETRICS (2013) Building Footprints annually Communication Features annually Miscellaneous Line Features annually Miscellaneous Polygon Features annually Parking Areas annually Railroads annually Recreation Areas annually Trail Areas annually Trails annually Electric Utilities annually Utility Structures annually Vegetation annually Hydrology Line Features annually Hydrology Polygon Features annually Roads annually
Corporate Limits

Property (Parcels w/attributes)

Street Centerlines

Planning Jurisdictions



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Geographical Information Services

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