​Save Custom Layer List
Do you use the same layers frequently (Property Dimensions, Topo or Corporate Limits in color, for example)?
  • You can now Save a Custom Layer List: The next time you open iMAPS, these layers will be turned on by default.
  • Tools are located below the Layer List on the Show Additional Layers panel

A Legend is available from the layer list:


You can control the transparency of layers from the slider bar on the Layer List

Pictometry Images

Well Sampling Results:

The well sampling results are provided as a PDF (print, save or email) and the application includes the Inorganic Guidance document and qualifier decodes within the PDF

Sample PINs for testing
Well Sampling Results: 1786161846
Scanned Septic Permit: 1813039718
Both: 1708681964

Usability Improvements
Right-Click Export (Property Info)
There are several new options for copying text from the Property information. Right-click to view options.

The Zoom and Pan Tools are now consolidated on one vertical toolbar. This aligns with the industry standard for online mapping programs. By consolidating these tools, we are able to provide more space for users who have their screen resolution set lower (in order to have larger icons).

Tool tips
Tool tip Examples:
Measure Tool

Select Parcels

Mobile versions of iMAPS
We are in the process of developing a mobile version for iPhone/iPad and Android. The release schedule will be dependent on acceptance from the online stores. If you are interested in participating in a focus group to test the mobile versions of iMAPS, please send us your contact info via the feedback form on iMAPS (Feedback in upper right) and let us know when you would be able to participate (business hours or early evening?).

Search for Condo Units
You can now search for individual condo records when you search by address in the property search. Or, select a condo parcel using the select parcel tool in the toolbar, and the individual condo records will also appear in the attribute window.
In the new version of iMAPS, there are tool tips for the select property tools, measure tools and scale-dependent layers.