There are two road name applications: one for new subdivisions or shopping centers and one for naming a shared driveway or access easement. Download the attached forms found in the upper right-hand corner of this page.
If you do not know the PIN or REID number of the property or properties involved, please call our office at 919-856-6210 to help you obtain this information. If the property involved is in the City of Raleigh, Town of Cary, Town of Knightdale or Town of Apex city limits or planning jurisdiction, you will have to apply with their planning department for road name approval.
A vicinity map must be included to properly locate the affected parcels and the number of street names needed. If a map is not included, the application will be returned or delayed pending copy of map.
If this is a private street of which more than one property will use as access, owners of each affected property must sign the application. Each will be notified of the approved name and of the address changes that result. There is a sheet for signatures attached to the application. If you do not have this sheet, please call us and we will email or fax one to you.
Please be careful to note the guidelines on selecting a road name. Following these will speed up the return of your application. Unique street names can be verified by using the Street Name Search Tool. This can be accessed via the internet or by visiting the Wake County GIS Office at 337 S. Salisbury St., fifth floor, downtown Raleigh.

Every road planned must be named. Rarely will all names submitted be approved. For that reason it is suggested that you submit twice as many names as there are roads planned. LIST PRIORITY NAMES FIRST.
Staff will determine whether the names submitted are acceptable. Pay careful attention to the following guidelines:

A.   Names of individuals are not allowed in the Wake County jurisdiction.
B.   Directionals and numbers are not allowed; e.g., North Star Ln; Four Corners Dr.
C.   Punctuation is not allowed; e.g., periods, hyphens, apostrophes.
D.   All names must have an acceptable type; e.g., Road, Lane, Path.
E.   Double street types are not allowed; e.g., Deer Path Lane.
F.    Names must be easy to pronounce and should effect a positive connotation.
G.   Names duplicating or sounding similar to existing names will be rejected.
H.   Limit entire name to 13 characters in length, due to sign-space limitations.
It is important to use road names exactly as approved – remember spelling, suffixes and whether names are one or two words. Consistency is the key throughout the entire process.
Approved road names must be placed on all development plans (whether subdivision or site plan) prior to final plan approval. Again, only plans reflecting acceptable road names placed on the particular streets they represent will receive final approval. A copy of the approved application will be returned to you indicating the names accepted. Please allow two weeks for approval.
Failure to record and notify property owners of the street name spelling exactly as it was approved on the application, including street type designation, may conflict with the 9-1-1 system and could cause undue delays in emergency response as well as in activating telephone service.
A copy of the application will be returned to you indicating the names that have been approved.
For more information about Road Name Approvals outside municipalities, contact Wake County GIS Office at 919-856-6210 or write to: WAKE COUNTY GIS, P.O. BOX 550, RALEIGH, NC 27602.  Fax application to 919-743-4819.