​Wake County GIS has approximately 150 users in various County departments. In addition, Wake County GIS provides mapping products and services to citizens and businesses.

In addition to working with various departments and contractors, the GIS Division is directly networked to, and shares databases with, the City of Raleigh GIS. The City of Raleigh and Wake County established GIS systems that share live data online. The sharing of data in this manner increases data availability, timeliness and accuracy, while decreasing cost through elimination of duplicated information, data storage space and redundant data maintenance activities. The City of Raleigh and Wake County pioneered this concept, which has served as a model for others in the industry. The City and County also reduce costs through shared on-site training and joint application development activities. The strong relationship between the City of Raleigh GIS and Wake County GIS continues to provide benefits to citizens. GIS also exchanges and provides data to all 12 of the municipalities in the County as well as the NC Department of Transportation, US Army Corps of Engineers, and many other public agencies.

The State of North Carolina provides a GIS portal that provides map viewing, data downloads, and an Inventory of available datasets.




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