Passed during the 2005 legislative session, North Carolina House Bill 1518 requires holders of on-premises malt beverage, on-premises unfortified wine, on-premises fortified wine and mixed beverage Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) permits to separate, store and recycle all recyclable beverage containers. The types of containers to recycle include aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles. House Bill 1518 becomes effective January 1, 2008.
Here are three steps to starting your recycling program:
A. Find a recycling service: Start by contacting your current solid waste hauler to see if they can provide you with the recycling service. If not, there are several recycling haulers in the area that can. Check with several companies to determine what types of services they offer and to get the best price.
B. Determine how the recycling will be collected: Consider what container will fit in areas where recyclables are generated, like behind the bar, in the kitchen, or at a busing station. Remember proper signage on and/or above all of the recycling containers is important.
C. Educate your employees: Conduct training for employees and provide written information and good signage. Consider having signs printed in English and Spanish and make sure all containers are clearly marked whether it’s garbage or recyclables.
Wake County Solid Waste Management Division is offering Wake County bars and restaurants the opportunity to apply for a set of recycling bins to use in your recycling. Download an application and learn more about starting a recycling program here or contact Meghan O’Connor at 919-856-5698 or