Buying an Existing Facility?

Permits do not transfer at the sale of the business. You may be eligible for a transitional permit; however, staff will have to evaluate each situation. Please contact the team leader in your area: View contact names.

Opening a New Facility?

Applications and fees for Health & Safety Plan Review can now be submitted online.  This is to be done at the same time as submitting plans to the local municipality for building permits. Use the following submittal guides and click the link below to the Permit Portal to begin the application process.

Submittal Guides

Shared Kitchen Applications

You may need other permits – Check with the following to be sure you comply

  1. Prepared Food and Beverage Tax
  2. Beer and Wine License
  3. Business Personal Property Taxes
  4. Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC)
  5. Your town's zoning, building and public utilities department
  6. Division of Child Care Facilities