​Concessions at a fair, carnival, circus, public exhibition or other similar gathering for 15 days or less, may qualify as a temporary food establishment (TFE). Examples are the NC State Fair, holiday festivals, traveling carnivals and special events.

Vendors who sell only dipped ice cream, shaved ice, popcorn, candied apples, cotton candy, funnel cakes, doughnuts, peanuts and commercially prepackaged chips and candy do not have to get an operational permit from this Department; however, vendors should contact the NC Department of Agriculture at 919-733-7366 to determine if a permit is needed from them.

There is a $75 fee for each temporary food establishment (TFE) permit issued. How can I make a payment? Coordinator applications, vendor applications and vendor fees must be received by Wake County Environmental Services at least 15 calendar days prior to the event for consideration. Each question must be answered or the application will be returned.

Food Vendor Forms:

Coordinator Form:

Some vendors may be exempt from the North Carolina regulations requiring an operational permit to prepare and sell food or drink for pay.

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