​Ensuring proper sanitation and bloodborne precaution practices at tattoo establishments is important for public health.
Online health inspections are available soon after the inspection is completed. Check out the current sanitation of your tattoo artist before you get a tattoo!

Inspections and Frequency

Tattoo establishments are inspected once a year or more often if there are complaints.

Buying, Building, Remodeling a Tattoo Establishment?

Tattoo permits are issued to the artist at a particular establishment. If a tattoo artist moves to a different location, a new permit is needed for that location. Contact zoning to ensure that the business address is zoned for commercial use. Contact municipal building inspections for electrical/plumbing permits. Tattoo establishments are not allowed in residences.


If you have a concern about something you see, speak to the owner directly. This is the best way to deal with a problem. If you still have concerns, you may also call us at 919-856-7400 to register a complaint.