1. ​Submit a signed Commissary Form and completed service request form to Wake County Environmental Services (WCES). These forms can be:
    • faxed to 919-743-4772
    • or mailed to Wake County Environmental Services, Plan Review MFU/PUC, PO Box 550, Raleigh, NC 27602
    • or taken to the Wake County Office Building (Waverly Akins Bldg.) at 336 Fayetteville St., in Raleigh. WCES is located in Suite 101.
      • Staff will call you to let you know they have received your forms.
      • A health inspector will visit the commissary (permitted restaurant/food stand) to check whether the commissary may service your unit. The commissary will be checked for storage, refrigeration, utensil wash area, and in the case of a mobile food unit the potable water connection and sewage disposal. This process may take up to two weeks.
      • After checking the commissary the EHS will call to let you know whether the commissary was approved. If the commissary was not approved, another signed commissary form for a different commissary, as well as a completed service request form, will need to be turned in. WCES will call to let you know they have received your request.

  2. videoSubmit a completed application for a mobile food unit/pushcart operational permit to WCES. Use the Mobile Food Unit Application Guide to guide you through the application. You must have your commissary approved before submitting this application.
    • There are more documents that must be turned in with your application. For more information see the application for a mobile food unit/pushcart operational permit.
    • Applications and plans that are not complete will be returned and will take longer to process. WCES will call to let you know that they have received your documents. WCES will forward your application to a Plan Review staff person.

  3. The Plan Review EHS may take 15 business days to review your application.
    • During this time we may ask for more written information.
    • A Plan Review staff person will contact you to set up an appointment at the commissary to check the unit.
    • More than one visit may be needed to make sure your unit meets the requirements.