​Young children are more likely to suffer from communicable illnesses because their immune systems are still developing. Children in day care are in close contact with each other, making it easy for illnesses to spread. A clean day care and work practices that help stop the spread of disease are important in child care centers. Child daycare facilities are inspected twice a year.
Check out the current sanitation status of your child's daycare facility.

Buying, Building, Remodeling a Child Care?

You must have a permit to operate, build or remodel a child care center. Permits do not transfer from owner to owner. Save time and money – contact the Wake County Plan Review Section before you buy, build or remodel to find out what the requirements are.


If you have a concern about something you see, speak to the director directly. This is the best way to deal with a problem. If you still have concerns, you may also call us at 919-856-7400 to file a complaint.

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