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Fire Services Department

The functions of the Fire Services Department are carried out by a small group of diverse, innovative and dedicated staff. The nationally recognized success of this small group lies in their constant drive to work efficiently and protect all of Wake County's citizens. Each staff member participates in every program so that all of the staff are trained in multiple functions. In addition, through a strong commitment to service excellence, the group is dedicated to providing high quality service in every part of their position with the team.

Darrell Alford, Director, 919-856-6487
Responsible for the overall management of the department.

Vacant, Deputy Director/Chief of Operations, 919-856-6487
Responsible for overall management of the Fire Tax District and the liaison between County Government,  public and nonprofit agencies.

Braxton Tanner, Deputy Director/Fire Marshal, 919-856-5519
Primarily responsible for the department's Fire Prevention and Emergency Response program areas. Fire Prevention and Response Division Contact list.

Brad Pace, Training/Logistics Specialist, 919-387-4339
Responsible for the Fire Training Center as well as logistics for County Fire Departments.

Roger Davenport, Logistics Manager, 919-212-9655
Responsible for providing logistical support to the Fire Tax District.


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