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In order to become a vendor with Wake County, we require certain information about you or your company. This information will be used to create a vendor record of you or your company in our Financial System. This allows Wake County to issue Purchasing Documents such as PO’s and contracts to your company as well as issue payments.
You may fill out the form electronically, print, sign and then submit the form to the Wake County Finance Department, Attn: Vendor Manager by mail at P.O. Box 550, Raleigh, NC, 27602, by fax, 919-856-6880, or by email to

Required Steps:

 **Beginning June 2014, Wake County began requiring all vendors to enroll in EFT and be paid by direct deposit.      

Other Documents:

Instructions for completing the Vendor Enrollment Form:
Please fill out this form completely and accurately; inaccuracies could result in non- approval by Wake County. The following will explain each part of the form and what Wake County is looking for from you the vendor.

Vendor Legal Name – the company or individual name on file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

DBA Name – any name other than your legal name in which you may be doing business.

Vendor Website – name of the company or individual website, if you have one.

Vendor Address:

Payment Address – address where payments should be mailed. Please do not provide a PO box, a physical address is needed.
Procurement Address – address where purchase orders and contracts are to be mailed.
Billing Address – address where bills should be mailed. Please do not provide a PO box, a physical address is needed.
1099 Address – address where 1099 issued by Wake County should be mailed (if applicable).

Organization Type:

Individual – when a Social Security Number is used for IRS purposes
Company – when a Tax Identification Number is used for IRS purposes

This section allows you to tell Wake County how your business is defined by the IRS.

Individual – must use a SSN
Sole Proprietorship – can use either a SSN or TIN
Partnership – must use a TIN
Corporation – must use a TIN
LLC (Limited Liability Company) – must use a TIN
Trust – must use a TIN
NonResident Alien – W-8 form is required to be filled out instead of a W-9 form
Foreign – W-8 form is required to be filled out instead of a W-9 form
State Government – must use a TIN
Other Government – must use a TIN
Other – can use either a SSN or TIN

Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number (SSN) – number the company or individual files on taxes with the IRS.
**Please note that Wake County does verify all SSN and TIN numbers against the IRS online matching system before the vendor account information is finalized and prior to issuing any payments.  Failure to report a SSN or TIN correctly may delay your transactions.

Business Type – describes the type of business, you may check as many as apply.

Contact Information – the individual Wake County may contact with any questions

Certification – printed name, signature and date of individual completing the Vendor Enrollment Form.



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