​Wake County Government Procurement Services

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​Melissa England ​Contracts Manager ​919-856-6327
​Brittany Longdaue ​Contracts Coordinator ​919-856-6156
Ty Stephens ​Procurement Specialist ​919-856-6192
Main Number: 919-856-6120     Fax: 919-856-6880
Wake County Government’s Division of Procurement Services strives to provide all vendors an opportunity to bid on items and services that the County needs to operate efficiently, effectively and with the highest accountability. To achieve these goals, Wake County Government employs both centralized and decentralized procurement operations. As a division of the Wake County Finance Department, all purchasing activities are governed by N.C. General Statutes.
Purchasing Methods
Wake County obtains goods and services using three basic methods: (1) P-cards, (2) purchase orders and (3) contracts. P-cards and purchase orders (PO’s) are used primarily for supplies, equipment, materials, etc. Contracts are used for construction and services. Examples of services would be: consultants, janitorial, security, medical services, etc. The use of open charge accounts is not permitted.
Formal construction contract bids are advertised in the newspaper and plan rooms like FW Dodge and AGC. No county vendor database is maintained for those.
County departments and agencies may procure supplies, equipment, materials, etc., provided the total expenditure does not exceed $2,500, without channeling the request through Procurement Services. Purchases of this nature are generally made using a Wake County Government Procurement Card (P-card). Purchases at this level do not require bidding and departments are urged to purchase from the most economical source available.
For expenditures exceeding $2,500, departments must submit the request to Procurement Services for processing. Based on the dollar amount involved, Procurement Services will obtain the item(s) using best practice techniques, including but not limited to: existing contracts, request for quotes, request for bids, etc.
Bids for the purchase of supplies, material, equipment, etc, fall into either the category of “formal or informal” bids. Formal bids are those whose total cost exceeds $90,000.00. Informal bids are those that are greater than $5,000 but less than $90,000. Formal bids require a “published notice”. That notice may either be a legal ad in the newspaper or an electronic notice published on a Web site. The county currently uses its’ own website and sometimes the North Carolina State Division of Purchase & Contract’s Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) website to publish those notices.
To access the county website:
  • Go to www.wakegov.com,
  • Click on Departments and Services,
  • Click on Finance,
  • Click on "RFPs and Bids"
  • Click on “New RFPs and Bids”
To access the NC Division of Purchase and Contract IPS,
  • Go to www.ips.state.nc.us,
  • Click on “Bids By Department”
  • Click on “Non-State – County of Wake”.
In many cases, once bids are opened, they become public record, with the exception of financial information, trade secrets, client list and other information governed by North Carolina General Statutes. Certain informal bids and technology related RFPs are not public record until a contract is awarded. Procurement Services will prepare bid tabulations as soon as possible after bids are opened. Request for bid tabulations will be honored as time permits.
Wake County participates in many of the contracts issued by the North Carolina Division of Purchase and Contract. Purchases from these contracts do not require bidding because the bidding has already been completed by the N.C. Division of Purchase and Contract.
Minority Outreach Program
Wake County Government strongly encourages minority and women owned business to pursue business opportunities with Wake County. Wake County does not operate a minority certification program but does identify the vendors in the database as minority vendors based on the information supplied by the vendor.
Tax Information
Wake County does pay state and local sales tax. The tax amount is not shown on the purchase order but the vendor should show the tax amount as a separate line item on the invoice.
Payment Process
Invoices are paid by Disbursement Services. Actual checks are printed off-site, usually on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Once a department indicates that it has received the items or services by submitting a receiving report, the receiving report is matched with the purchase order and with the invoice. Those three correct documents, together, will initiate the generation of a payment to the vendor.
Wake County prefers to handle payments via ACH. ACH is a process to facilitate payment without actually issuing a check. The funds are deposited directly into your bank account. To set up the ACH payment process, you can access the necessary form here (link coming soon).
Surplus Property
Wake County disposes of surplus equipment through an arrangement with the NC Dept Administration, Division of Surplus Property. Wake County property is sold via sealed bids or online auctions on the Division’s website, http://ncadmin.nc.gov/citizens/state-surplus-property