What pools come under regulation?

All public pools must be permitted and inspected. This includes municipal pools, apartments, condominiums, subdivisions, home owner associations, clubs, etc. In fact, the only pools exempted from the rules are private pools at homes.

Are private pools completely exempted?

No. Private pool construction within the inspection jurisdiction of Wake County is regulated by Wake County Inspections under the current North Carolina State Residential Building Code, Appendix G. A Pool Building Permit is required along with full inspections of electrical and life safety issues. For construction outside the County's jurisdiction, please direct questions to your municipal inspections department.

How often do pools get checked during the summer?

Every pool receives an opening inspection. Subsequent inspections are conducted by summer employees. There are more than 1,000 commercial pools in the County; each pool is inspected an additional two to five times during the summer. Year-round pools are inspected throughout the year.

Why do pools get closed?

Very often we close pools immediately because of health concerns. Examples that warrant immediate closure include: no disinfectant in the pool or the presence of algae, bacteria, fecal material or glass.